About Us

At Prime Health Choice we are committed to meeting and exceeding the health care coverage needs of the counties we serve in New York State. Our managed long term care program supports our member’s independence along with managing their health and personal care needs as they age.

Regardless if you are a healthy senior or someone that suffers from complex medical conditions requiring long-term care, Prime Health Choice has you covered. What’s important to our members is important to us. Our goal is to provide you with health care coverage to support your health and independence while saving you money and giving you the flexibility to choose a health plan that’s right for you. Our plans are available to those in Albany, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Warren and Washington counties.

Management Team

CEO: Christopher Doulos
CFO: Adriana Cuesta
COO: Marina Yankelevich
President: Natalya Khimchenko

Board of Directors:

Azzy Reckess – Board Member
Alexander Rovt – Board Member
Martin Hofman – Board Member
Leon Hofman – Board Member
Zvi Gurevich – Board Member
Boris Mendel – Board Member
Eric Mendel – Board Member